Patent Pal - The Complete Patent Information Toolbar!

The Patent Pal includes many useful tools for the patent practitioner. For example, more than 30 unique patent related searches are included.  A partial listing of the available searches is shown below.

In order to aid the user, a convenient help menu has been included which provides information about a particular search and syntax details if needed. An example help menu item is shown below.

Another important menu is the Foreign Tools menu. This menu contains links to virtually every major patent office in the world. In addition, links to patent laws, regulations, etc. are provided in English when available. See below for an example.

Links relevant to U.S. patent practice are provided on the US Tools menu. For example, links to IP related law journals and other Tools are included in the US Tools menu as shown below.

Those interested in taking the patent bar exam will find the links on the Exam menu useful. The Exam menu contains links to a variety of exam preparation courses (shown below) as well as past exam questions, glossaries, and other exam preparation tools.

In order to keep up to date on Patent related news, the Patent Pal includes a convient interface for rss feeds from popular patent related sites as shown below.

The Patent Pal provides links to many patent related blogs in addition to those on the rss menu.

Additionally, the Patent Pal includes an RSS feed for the job board at Patently-O.

Job-seekers may also find the RSS feed for the William K. McLaughlin job site useful as well.

Other non-patent related (albeit useful) tools are also available for use. These tools include a radio player, weather service, and email notifier. So download the Patent Pal now to start enjoying the collection of free utilities it provides.